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If you google “new to homeschooling” you will get a billion and one articles on this very subject. Everything from ‘what do homeschoolers do all day’ to ‘how to start homeschooling’. There is a wealth of information on the internet and what I find is when you start homeschooling it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed by it.

There are so many options when your new to homeschooling and so much advice out there too.

How do you know where to begin?

Where do you even start?

Who has the time for all that research when they have just started home education?

So to add to the billion and one articles on the interwebs on how to start homeschooling, here are my top three pieces of advice to new home educators.


Breathe. Yep. Just breathe. Relax. I give you permission to enjoy and decompress for the next day – no, the next few weeks. Stop thinking about your children’s ‘education’. Stop stressing about the school you left behind or the critical family member who doesn’t agree with your choices. Just breathe.

Enjoy the slow mornings where you don’t have the rush of making school lunch boxes and getting the uniforms out of the washing basket to iron. Hey, even let your kids sleep in. Let them play ALL day. Let them decompress and take the pressure off and I give you permission to do the same.

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“Disconnect from the world for a season to reconnect as a family.”

When your busy always rushing to and from places, slowing down can be hard. Boredom will come in… That’s GOOD! Let your kids get bored. This is a gateway to connection between you and your children.

Disconnect from a busy schedule for a season and enjoy spending some quality time together as a family and finding out what interests your children hold.


De-what? Yep, deschooling is essential for your child and for you too!

It’s typically known as the adjustment period between leaving school and starting home education. It’s a period of time where “schoolish” expectations of learning are forgotten. It’s a time where you and your child disconnect from the system mindset and find what true education really looks like.

Deschooling in its essence is decompression from assessments, testing, peer pressure, time frames for learning, being forced to learn to ‘keep up with peers’, or anything that “has to be done or else” in or around school.

Deschooling, in my expert opinion (lolz) is vital when your new to homeschooling. If you would like to read up further about deschooling I’ve published a 30 page eBook which explains everything you need to know about the deschooling process including what to expect when deschooling, how to deschool, keys to deschooling and 10 things to do while deschooling. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Yep! Just sign up to the blog to instantly receive your free copy! (Just make sure it didn’t get sent to your spam folder!)

If you aren’t new to homeschooling and a bit of a veteran, what piece of advice do you give newbies? Leave a comment below to join the discussion.




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